The Weatheralls Primary School

Staff List

Mrs Barclay - Headteacher

Strategic direction and planning, Lead Child Protection,

Mr Ball - Deputy Head

Assessment, Prevent & British Values, Deputy Child Protection

Mr Hall - Assistant Head

Pupil Premium. Curriculum

Mrs Sabharwal - Assistant Head

Behaviour and Inclusion, Deputy Child Protection 

Mrs Barker - Nursery


Miss Fisher - Nursery

Community liaising with HSA

Miss Beasley - RLB


Mrs Saltmarsh - RWS

Foundation leader

Mrs Woollard - RWS

Miss Fidler - RLF

Phonics lead, Community - Associate leader

Mrs Dowding - 1VD


Miss Hibbert - 1EH

Forest School

Miss Lucy - 1JLU

Computing and e-safety

Mrs Bell - 2RB

Years 1&2 Phase leader, Reading and Library

Miss Hayman - 2MH


Miss Liddington - 2JL

Maths lead

Miss Hew Martin - 3NHM


Mr Yates - 3BY

PE Lead

Mrs Stead - 3JS

Years 3 & 4 Phase Leader, Music

Miss Rowley - 4JR

RE and SMSE lead in KS2

Miss Cross - 4PC


Mrs Bevan - 4MV


Mrs Meek - 4MV

Induction for new staff/ RQT mentor 

Miss Hughes - 5AH

Associate SENCo 

Miss Bircham - 5EB

5&6 Phase leader, Staff handbook, Stationary, Rotas/Timetables

Miss Newbury - 5TN


Mr Everitt - 6SE

Website manager, DT, House Lead

Mrs Gibbs - 6GG


Mr Evans

Music and Drama teacher

Mrs Howe

SENCo, Inclusion.