The Weatheralls Primary School



This is a happy school where every child matters. Teachers work closely with pupils, support staff, parents and governors to make an excellent team and create a very caring, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Children do well and all the staff constantly work to ensure we provide a high quality learning experience that engages the children and challenges them to do their best; at Weatheralls we believe in making learning a fun and very positive experience for our children.  We are discussing joining a local academy chain in order to further develop the support we give our pupils and further the continuity between primary and secondary education. Please see the documents below for further information:

The Staploe Education Trust FAQ

Academy Conversion Consultation 06 2016

We have a good ethos of caring and supporting at the Weatheralls School. This is supported by our school aims and our star aims. We believe that this allows us to create a happy and supportive environment where children will reach their full potential.

We strongly believe that every child matters.  Therefore our learning community aims to foster:

  • Excellent attitudes, exemplary behaviour and high levels of attendance.
  • A high regard for the safety and well-being of others.
  • The ability to choose healthy lifestyles.
  • A high level of social responsibility, personalisation, enjoyment and inclusion.
  • Confident, high achieving life-long learners.