The Weatheralls Primary School

Music & Drama

These subjects play a very important part in children's lives as they give them the opportunity of exploring, expressing and communicating different ideas and feelings. Pupils derive a great deal of pleasure from playing musical instruments and using role play to create imaginative story lines that can often be linked into many other areas of the curriculum. Children also have the opportunity to learn to play instruments as part of their general curriculum. In addition, there is the chance for parents to invest in extra one-to-one lessons for their children. Opportunities to learn the piano and guitar are provided by some of our specialist music teachers.

How can I help my child?

  • Visit the theatre so children can see how speech and actions can help in commmunication
  • Sing songs with your children
  • Make simple instruments such as shakers from tubs filled with small items, fill bottles with different amounts of liquid etc
  • Encourage your child to learn an instrument. Speak to Mrs. Layfield for more information

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