The Weatheralls Primary School

Physical Education at the Weatherall

At the Weatheralls we aim to develop children’s physical competence, an appreciation of skilled and creative performances, improved interpersonal skills and enhanced self esteem. We do this through teaching a wide and varied PE curriculum for two hours a week. We teach a variety of dance genres, gymnastics, swimming, games which include: football, hockey, basketball, netball, tri golf, tag rugby, cricket and many others.

PE Funding

Over the next two years all primary schools in England will receive a grant to improve the teaching and availability of PE for 5 – 11 year olds. At the Weatheralls we will be using this money to train teachers to improve their knowledge and skills in teaching PE; increasing our participation in competitions, both in school and in the local area; and purchasing PE equipment to better resource our lessons.

So far this year, a curriculum coach has worked in KS1 to improve the teaching of gymnastics. Year 3 teachers have recently been on a gymnastics course and are excited about teaching their new skills to their classes. This half term a curriculum coach will be working in KS2 to support the teaching of dance. Year 6 will be working with a licensed football coach too. These professional development opportunities will continue for the next two years.

Please see the document below for our updated spring funding report to see how much progress we have made in developing and strengthening PE at the Weatheralls.

Competitions and Festivals

Our competition calendar is now bigger and more varied. Already this term, Year 2 have taken part in a multi-skills festival at Soham Village College with St Andrews, Isleham and Fordham Primaries. Year 3 have participated in a virtual athletics competition, where the results are uploaded to a website so more schools can take part. Years 5 and 6 took part in a tag rugby competition held in Ely; fourteen schools competed to make it an excellent morning of competitive sport! Please click here to take a look at our competition calendar for up and coming events.

Change 4 Life

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key priority in school. While lots of our children already belong to after school clubs that involve physical activity, there are some that do not participate in any physical activities outside of school. For these children we will be running a ‘Change 4 Life’ club which aims to build physical confidence and enjoyment in physical activity. Hopefully, this will encourage these children to have the confidence to take part in other clubs being offered at school and in the local community.

How can I help my child?

  • Spend time outside, playing games with your child.
  • Practice ball games, throwing and catching, bat and ball skills.
  • Take your child swimming.
  • Go for walks and cycle rides to help your child’s fitness and stamina.
  • Enrol your child in local sporting clubs.

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