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Sport Premium Funding

PE Sport Premium Funding Report  - Spring 2014

£1050 has been spent on the Witchford Partnership Gold membership. This entitles us to enter various competitions and festivals, set up and run by the partnership, throughout the year. We have also received our 10 hours of curriculum coaching in Dance and Gymnastics. A specialist teacher in these areas has worked alongside our teachers in helping them to plan and deliver an effective series of lessons. In consultation with the partnership leader, Di Baker, I have produced a balanced and varied PE curriculum for all years. Di is always on hand to answer questions and provide support where needed. On top of this, the fee also includes transport to 5 competitions and festivals in the area; we have 3 remaining.

£2550 has been spent on the local Sports, Community Officer (SSCO). Brad Cox is a specialist PE teacher who is with us every other Monday morning. At the moment he spends half an hour training our Year 6 playground leaders in how to speed stack. This fun, skillful game will then be available to all our children as a playground activity, being led by our playground leaders. Brad also works alongside class teachers delivering gymnastic lessons in a coaching role. The following week, both teachers put into practice their new skills and subject knowledge teaching their own classes. Brad will work with each teacher for a period of one unit of work (around 6 lessons). He also organizes festivals and competitions for our local cluster of schools throughout the year.

We are paying one of our teaching assitants for one hour per week to look after the admin side of the competitions and festivals we enter. Recently, Mrs Gamble organized, trained and supported 8 of our year 4 gymnasts at the level 2 competition in Ely. Weatheralls were placed 2nd and have made it through to the County Finals in Cambridge on the 17th of March. She is also responsible for maintaining the PE displays in the Fairhurst Hall and the Small Hall.

Our ‘Change4life’ club is up and running and has a modest membership of 16 Year 3 and 4 children who do not belong to any extra curricular sporting club. The idea is to build confidence and self esteem in PE, so they will then go on to join sporting clubs at school and in the local area. Currently, the club meets every Wednesday lunchtime, and takes part in a multiskills/ football session with an A licensed football coach provided by Tesco Sporting Initiative.

We have forged links with the Tesco Sporting Initiative, who now visit our school on a weekly basis and work alongside our teachers in delivering multi skill lessons to our KS1 children and football lessons to our KS2 children. So far, George has worked with teachers in Year 1 and Year 6; this spring term he has also been running our change4life club; next half term he will be working alongside our year 2 and year 3 teachers.

We will be applying for the Sainsbury’s PE Kitemark. It appears that many of our local schools will be applying for this particular kitemark which is also recommended by the Witchford Partnership. The kitemark is linked with the premium funding and will show that we are meeting many of the new requirements set by the government. We aim to apply for the bronze level as early as July this year.

£659 has been spent on new playground equipment so far; we are awaiting delivery of these new resources. We would also like to place new games/ activity markings on the KS2 playground. We still have more equipment to buy, a new netball post, and a boot scraper to be placed at the entrance to the field.

At the beginning of the year I conducted a skills audit with all of our teachers, and as a result we have put in the relevant training to meet our teachers’ needs. This term we have tried to concentrate on up skilling our teachers in gymnastics, and Brad is providing the training for this. Next term we will be focusing on dance; a dance specialist has been booked for 10 weeks in the summer term. She will be visiting our school every Tuesday morning and will work alongside our teachers during their dance lessons. She will also be running a morning dance club, which is very popular with our children.

Please click on the document below for a full breakdown of how the sport premium funding is being spent.

Daniel Grimmer (PE Cordinator)

Sport Premium Funding