The Weatheralls Primary School

House Overview

At Weatheralls we have an active house system which helps provide a sense of community between pupils who would not normally interact as well as being a valuable support system for younger pupils.  It also gives a very definite requirement for role modelling to the older pupils.  This comes about by creating a sense of belonging. 

Each academic year, pupils have the opportunity to help their house be crowned champion by participating in both ‘Academic’ and ‘Sporting’ events.  These successes, coupled with achievement from house days/afternoons mean that children can gain a broadened idea of success.  They will see they can succeed at things other than traditional subjects, with it being equally valued. 

House points are earned for good work.  These are counted up and each child will gain a reward for 50, 100 or 150 points, going from Bronze to Gold.  Each time they achieve an award they gain a point for their house which counts towards the winner of the academic race.

The Champions race involves events over the year which include both sporting and creative events.  Points are awarded for these with 4 for a win, 3 for seconds, 2 for third and 1 for fourth place.  This event runs over the year culminating in the Sports day.

There are four houses which are named after local heroes from the second world war.  Each house has a house captain and a vice house captain who they elected at the start of the year.  These pupils help run the houses and also manage the website pages for their house. 

Last years winners were Clarke and the race has already started to find this years winners.

Champions Race Points