The Weatheralls Primary School



Our house is called Clarke because, of the railway disaster that happened in Soham in the year 1944. Our house was given the name Clarke. Herbert Clarke was the Train guard and it was his job to make sure everything was going to plan on the train.

Reports of this year

This year Clarke house have quite successful regarding the points system. At the moment we have 25 academic points and 11 competition points. Out of all of the other houses we are currently third on the leader board. We came 2nd in the tag rugby tournament, we came 3rd in hockey and 3rd in the cross country. This has motivated our team to work much harder. Everyone in our house has a talent of some sort whether its singing, sports or playing a musical instrument everyone counts. 

On the 12th of February this year, we had a house day in year 5 and 6, Clarke did computers and we made movies about Clarke himself, the railway disaster or what Clarke has done this year.