The Weatheralls Primary School

East Cambs Tri Golf Festival 26 April 2019


Our team of 10 year 3 children had a wonderful time the Tri Golf Festival held at Ely Hockey Club. There were 8 exciting golf activities involving pitching and putting to both score golf points as well as skills for life points going towards a team total. Each activity also had a 'skills for life' theme where children learnt more about the sporting values of safety, self-confidence, teamwork, honesty and respect which tied in well with our Weatheralls school values.

Jack thought the warm up dance was really cool. Roxie and Tyler both enjoyed the game of hitting and then collecting cones for points game. Jack B really liked the bullseye game. The boys and girls teams worked together to complete the dominoes game. Phoebe loved all of it. Jessica enjoyed seeing her friends persevere and everyone having fun.

Mrs Armer