The Weatheralls Primary School

Peasants Revolt Rap by Yr 5 and 6

The Young'uns Workshop

On Friday 15th June, Year 5s and 6s enjoyed welcoming The Young'uns into The Weatheralls Primary School for jam-packed workshops of singing and stories. The young'uns are a talented folk singing group who enjoy sharing interesting stories about historical figures and their journey's to and lives in England. We learned about life at sea for fishermen, the courageous life of John Ball and his drive for equality in England, and the story of Michael Marks (a Russian, Jewish refugee) and his friend Thomas Spencer and how they started the infamous shop Marks and Spencer. During our workshops, the children learned folk songs and even wrote their own raps! We were so proud to be able to share this with the rest of the school and parents at the end of the day. The young'uns showcased the recorded rap track and got everyone up and out of their seats to sing together. What a fantastic day!