Prickwillow Visit

27th April 2016

On Wednesday 27th April, Year 5 went to the Prickwillow Drainage Museum and Ely Museum for the day.

While we were at the Prickwillow drainage museum, we learnt about the Fens and how they were drained out. Did you know that it took three men to increase the speed of water that was pumped out? Sir Cornelius Vermuyden, Dr James Watt and Rudolph Diesel were these truly magnificent and important men who made the water pumps to drain the land that we have today. Lots of equipment and hard work was used during the years that it took to drain the Fens.

After arriving at the Ely museum, we discovered which foods grew in the Fen lands. Some of these foods are carrots, swede, lettuce and potatoes - these are the largest producing crop in the flat Fen land. Whilst working in the fields ladies wore bonnets to protect their hair and they wore bloomers that had holes in so they could go to the toilet easily.

Year 5 had an amazing day finding out about our local area and what it used to be like. We recommend visiting both museums again because it was great fun and we had a fantastic and educational day!