Aylmerton update

27th March 2017
After arriving, the children got settled into their rooms before starting their activities.  One group of children have  had a great day looking at the rock pools and discovering life.  This has been helped by the wonderful weather.  After this they walked over the fossils that were prevalent in the rocks and then continued along the beach, finally reaching Cromer.  No crabs were harmed in this report.  The other group showed fantastic teamwork building hides in the woods.
They then settled down in the evening to a meal of bangers and mash and then they will be having hot chocolate before they finally go to sleep, hopefully for a calm sleep so they are ready for tomorrow's challenges.
Day 2
The children went on a monster trail.  They also did some team building.  They also visited the beach.  They were all tired after their exhilarating day and slept well.  They will be refreshed for their last day and are due to return by 3.15.  They have all been having a really good time.