Year 6 Production

14th July 2015
Year 6 performed their annual end of year production.  Three pupils have written up their thoughts which we hope you enjoy, just as we all enjoyed the production:

Year 6 performed a great play last night at The Weatheralls in the Fairhurst Hall in front of 100 parents.  The parents were amazed by their performance of Alice in Wonderland which was written 150 years ago.

The play started off well and finished up well.  The audience clapped after every act and song which showed that they enjoyed it.  The parents were laughing a lot when something funny happened.  At the end of the play we all got onto the stage, one line at a time while singing Music is my Life.  At the end the audience gave a massive clap.

It was a great night and all the parents enjoyed it, as did the year 6 pupils.  I think the parents enjoyed the court bit because that was when they did the biggest clap and laugh.  I enjoyed the scene in court because it was funny.

I think it was great and everyone enjoyed it.  It was funny and filled everyone with happiness.  I hope that the audience enjoyed it because we all did.

By James


On 14th July the year 6 pupils put on an incredible performance.  I heard their voices around me, their beautiful singing filling the air.  It was amazing!  Their Alice in Wonderland performance is a memory to treasure.

They had handmade costumes which were even better.  All the characters, Alice, the White Rabbit, the Duchess, Cheshire Cat to name a few, were as good as each other.  Alice wore a nice, navy blue dress with an apron.  The Cheshire Cat wore a Cheshire Cat onesie and the white rabbit wore a waistcoat with a pocket watch.  All the children had lovely outfits.

The play had 5 scenes and they were brilliant.  My favourite scene was the third which took place in the Duchesses’ kitchen.  It was really enjoyable and funny at different times.  I’ve heard children complimenting the year 6 pupils on how good it was.  I’ve never seen or heard better.

The year 6 should be proud of themselves and never forget that moment of their school year.  They were really, really good and I hope they know that.

By Chloe N

On the 14th July Alice in Wonderland was performed by the year 6 Weatherall children to celebrate 150 years since Lewis Carroll wrote the famous book in 1865.  The Fairhurst hall was full of laughing and cheering from both parents and amazed teachers.

The best scenes in the whole production were scenes 2 and 3 due to their hilarious jokes, comical cook and the silly Cheshire Cat.  Scene 2 had a school scene where Alice met the Lory, Dodo, Duck, Owl, Eaglet and Mouse.  She then met the Weeping and Wailing Mock Turtle who sang a song about music.  Finally she met the Duchess who wanted to turn Alice into soup.  Finally, the owl taught a lesson to the animals, including Alice, and we heard what the Mock Turtle learnt in school as he sang his next song.

Scene 3 took place in the Duchesses’ Kitchen where the white rabbit finally stopped to help Alice, only to lead her to the kitchen where the Duchess tried to make her into soup.

By Kirsten.