Gimbert win Year 6 House Hockey

22nd October 2014

On the last Wednesday of this half term the year 6 pupils prepared to play for the interhouse hockey trophy.  There was all to play for as it would be the first name on this trophy.  This competition is due to be the first of many house matches played over the year.  The pupils were great at preparing, with the house captains playing an important role.  Most pupils took part, showing a great team spirit with their determination to help.  Over the course of the afternoon each house played each other, meaning that each house played three matches.  The winner was decided by the number of mathces won with points difference to decide the following places.  Gimbert came out top by winning each of their matches.  Nightall came second on points difference followed closely by Clarke.  Bridges played well up till the last whistle was blown.  Well done to all who took part.  The photos show the determination the children showed in trying to win this, while at the same time having great fun.