STEM Visit

13th October 2016

Yesterday (13th October) Year 6 went on a STEM trip to SVC. We started off with a little maths challenge to get our brains warmed up. Then, we had lots of fun travelling around the world in the Boarding Pass Challenge where you had to work out a question for each country to go there. We had break on the field – it was extremely big! After we got outselves back in, we did the flight research. We learnt about forces, balance and propulsion. There was an activity for each of these stations. This all led up to us making an aeroplane to fly in a competition. After lunch, we all got back into our groups and had a look at the materials that we had to make the aeroplane with. We had 3 test flights before the big deciding flight. We each flew our aeroplanes – which we had to get from Madrid to Soham onto a crash mat. Some of the groups were awarded a certificate for their hard work. Overall, we had a great time and we can’t wait to go back.

Written by Milly and Alicia.