The Weatheralls Primary School

Welcome to The Weatheralls Primary School

Welcome to the Weatheralls Primary School. We are an academy, within Staploe Education Trust. Together we strive to deliver outstanding learning, opportunity and care for all children in our community.







We are an open school, in which parents are welcome, listened to and valued as partners in their children's learning.  We strive for every pupil and staff member to feel happy, safe and secure in our school, enabling them to learn and grow together. Our school rules of Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe are complimented with the three rights. Everyone has the right to To Learn, Be Respected and Be Safe.

We hold high expectations of the pupils in our school, striving for them all to achieve and grow as learners. Our pupils will make progress confidently, from their own starting points, as they are taken on a learning journey by highly trained staff who understand the cognitive science of learning and have a therapeutic approach to managing behaviour. We believe that positive experiences inspire children to dream and hold high aspirations of themselves, which embed through our curriculum offer.

Our staff are committed to ensuring that the pupils of The Weatheralls Primary School possess the values that enable them to live well in society and prepare them to deal effectively with the challenges of the modern world. We value pride, perseverance and positivity. These values are embedded in all that we do. 

Visitors note our calm environment, how polite our pupils are and comment positively on the space. Our buildings are set in spacious grounds with a playing field, designated Forest School areas, a pond, an allotment area and quiet outdoor learning spaces. These facilities are well used and add to the wellbeing and learning of our pupils.                   

Our school is a desirable place to work. Staploe Education Trust continues to build a teaching community where staff share expertise, learn together and develop their careers for the benefit of the children and teenagers of Soham. The Weatheralls is becoming a beacon school where others can learn from what we do. 

If you would like to know more about our school, you are very welcome to come and visit. Our pupils very much enjoy talking about and sharing their achievements and our successes.