The Weatheralls Primary School

Concerns about Bullying

At The Weatheralls Primary School,  we take parental concerns regarding the behaviour and conduct of our pupils seriously.  Strong communication between home and school is the best way to resolve concerns that you may have.  If you need to share concerns regarding an isolated incident or an ongoing issue - and you are not able to make direct telephone contact - please complete this form as fully as possible.  


If you have concerns about cyberbullying, East Cambridgeshire District Council have information on what to do, how to report it and how to support a victim.

Cyberbullying text in centre of rectangular blue shape with ICT symbols outlined in background.

Useful Links and Supporting Organisations

Anne Frank signature with horizontal line and The Anne Frank Trust UK text underneath.Empowering young people to challenge prejudice.

Anti-Bullying Alliance text with star line symbol to left in muted blues and purples.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is a coalition of organisations and individuals that are untired against bullying.  The website includes resources including advice on how to help your child if they are being bullied and if your child has been accused of bullying others.

White text of Carers Trust on blue background

The vision at Carers Trust is that unpaid carers are heard, valued and have access to the support, advice and resources they need to live a fulfilling life alongside caring.

Large C with CEOP written from the middle of the C out of the gap in the C

The National Crime Agency's CEOP Education team aim to help protect children and young people from online child sexual abuse. 

multi coloured butterfly to the left and Change Faces written next to image

The UK's leading charity for everyone with a scar, mark or condition on their face or body.

Orange Childnet text next to orange logo on right

Helping make the internet a great and safe place for children and young people.

White text on blue background - childline: subtext: online, on the phone, anytime

A free, private and confidential service where children and young people can talk about anything.

Department for Education logo black on white background with heraldic logo above

Advice for parent/carers on cyberbullying.

Silhouette of Diana - Princess of Wales on left. The Diana Award in blue text on a white background to right

The Diana Award was founded on Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change their community, their country and the world. They exist to empower young people to make that positive change. 

black text on white background.  educate.against.hate, hate is crossed through in red

Government advice and trusted resources for schools to safeguard children from radicalisation, build resilience to all types of extremism and promote shared values.

Wifi symbol in rainbow colours. Educational Action Challenging Homophobia in black text on white background

EACH provides a free and confidential, homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying reporting service for children and young people up to 18 years of age. 

Purple and turquoise overlayed boxes with white text End is turquoise and Violence Against Women in white text Activists, survivors, researchers, frontline support services and NGOs working to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Tree logo on right, seperated from text on right with a vertical line.  Tree logo has a f as the tree trunk and various coloured dots for the leaves. Text is black lowercase - family lives

Family Lives provides targeted early intervention and crisis support to families.

White text on black background -  Crown symbol in white on the left of logo.

SEND code of practice: 0 to 25 years

Red globe image with vertical and horizontal grid lines. Globe encircled by thick red line. Text in black - IWK Internet Watch Foundation

The IWF work to stop the repeated victimisation of people abused in childhood and make the internet a safer place, by identifying & removing global online child sexual abuse imagery.

Kick it Out text in black in ball shape. Letters in graffiti style.

If you’ve seen discrimination in football – online or at a grassroots, non-league or professional game – don’t turn away. Report it to us so we can get the right people involved and support everyone affected.

Purple text Kidscape. Subtext Help with Bullying. Logo abstract purple K in outlined lines. various coloured shapes surround this.

Our mission is to provide practical support, training, and advice to challenge bullying and protect young lives.

purple/red colour background with lighted speech bubble symbol overlayed on this. mencap in white text from the speech bubble

We are passionate about changing the world for everyone with a learning disability.

Metro in capitalised blue text. Embrace Difference text in white in a black box underneath metro text. Increasing sized circles coming over the top of the M

We're an equality and diversity charity providing health, community and youth services in England.

MindEd logo in black text. elearning to support healthy minds in green text underneath this. Circuler green logo to the left.

MindEd is a free educational resource on children,
young people, adults and older people's mental health.

green NSPCC text on white background.

 Support and tips to help parents keep children safe. From advice on children’s mental health to staying safe online, support for parents and what to do if you’re worried about a child.

logo in rosette shape - purple centre with grey trim.  The Proud Trust in white with banner underneath with purple text: home of LGBT+ youth

The Proud Trust is the home of LGBT+ youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other identities such as asexual, intersex, questioning.

PSHE in grey text and Association in purple text underneath

The national body for PSHE education.


White background with blue Restorative Justice logo and text in blue. The logo is a blue J.

The Restorative Justice Council promotes quality restorative practice for everyone.


black text Schools Out UK with the O replaced with a rainbow coloured apple shape.

Working towards equality, safety and visibility in education for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. 

red background with white text and star logo. Stonewall Acceptance without exception

Stonewall stand for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere. They imagine a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be themselves and we can live our lives to the full. 


Stop Hate UK logo. Symbol on black printed style hand. Text underneath in black except hate which is in red. The O in Stop has been replaced with the handprint symbol.

Stop Hate UK is one of the leading national organisations working to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination.

Tell Mama - Tell is grey text and MAMA in purple text. Subtext Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks in grey underneath this.  A pinpoint type icon in purple to left.

Tell MAMA is the leading service for recording anti-Muslim incidents and supporting victims.

True Vision text in white on blue background. Background in a circle shape in shades of blue and white, broadly eye shaped.

True Vision has been developed so that you can report hate crimes online - you do not have to visit a police station to report.

UK Safer Internet Centre in blue text next to orange power button symbol with centre line replaced with a person shape

Helping children and young people stay safe on the internet.

Victim support text with VS logo in white text on red background in box to the left.

Victim Support help anyone affected by crime. Not only those who experience it directly, but also their friends, family and any other people involved.


Young Minds. Young in white text and Minds in yellow with dot above i in white. Subtext fighting for young people's mental health

The UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health.