The Weatheralls Primary School


Our curriculum statement:

 Our curriculum is based on a topic approach. Each year group has agreed topics for the school year. A key enquiry question acts as a focus for each topic and encourages pupils to enquire more deeply into the topic.

Personalised learning ensures that all pupils acquire knowledge and skills that will allow them to access the full curriculum.

Topics and key questions are appropriate to the age and the prior learning of the pupils. They allow pupils to gain subject specific knowledge, skills and vocabulary whilst facilitating cross-curricular awareness and understanding.

We will ensure that pupils are able to recognise how their learning links to the topic in a meaningful way.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum we offer please contact Mrs Sabharwal, Deputy Headteacher, via the school office.


EPICC Values

  • Embedded learning

We will ensure time to learn and allow pupils to embed their learning, through a range of risk taking and problem solving opportunities, in order to deepen thinking and understanding.

  • Personalised Learning

We value individuality in our pupils and aim to provide low threat but high challenge learning. We support and motivate all pupils to succeed by placing their ideas and needs at the centre of their learning.


  • Independent Learning

We believe in nurturing and developing confident and self-motivated learners. Our curriculum encourages pupils to be curious, enthusiastic and feel safe to make mistakes in order to learn.


  • Creative Learning

We are passionate about inspiring our pupils to think creatively. Our curriculum enables pupils to become inquisitive, curious, critical thinkers and explorers of the world across our broad curriculum.


  • Collaborative Learning

Our school celebrates and values its diverse community. Our curriculum includes the development of trust, respect and open communication as we learn to work alongside our peers, staff in school and our wider community.



Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum will:

  • Instil a love of all subjects as we grow the next generation of mathematicians, musicians, writers, artists, historians and scientists.
  • Inspire and motivate children to challenge themselves and take risks through meaningful and tangible, real-life experiences.
  • Develop pupils’ independence so that they become self-motivated and reflective.
  • Be accessible to all learners which will guarantee success.
  • Equip pupils with the skills they need for the next stage of their learning, as they learn to apply prior learning to new contexts.
  • Encourage pupils to be aspirational and instil the belief that their learning has no limits in order for them to aim high.
  • Inspire pupils to become leaders, confident speakers and empathic listeners.
  • Motivate staff and pupils to take learning beyond school.
  • Shape our pupils into good citizens who are responsible and respectful.
  • Celebrate and value each other’s personal successes.
  • Open minds to support them becoming cultured and tolerant of others.
  • Nurture our pupils into thoughtful, caring and supportive friends.
  • Prepare our pupils for a lifetime of learning.
  • Embed the use of new technologies.
  • Provide opportunities for the pupils to develop as good sportsmen and women.
  • Welcome the community into our school and take our pupils out into the community to help them to value their roots, their neighbours and the local environment.