The Weatheralls Primary School

British Values

How our school teaches British values

At the Weatheralls Primary School we are:

Creating an inspiring learning community which gives children the firm foundations and aspirations for a bright future.

British values form a fundamental part of this vision and we integrate this into the life of our school in the following ways:

The law and democracy

Our children have clear expectations for behaviour and standards of work placed upon them and they are supported in achieving this. Through our PSHE curriculum, children learn about democracy and how this has shaped the nation, they gain an understanding of the law and why we have them. Children are encouraged to use the voice of the School Council to raise matters with the Headteacher and to have an input on the direction of the school.

Respect for all

Respect for all forms an essential part of the school’s STARS Core Values (Stay safe, Try your best, Always encourage others, Respect all, Smile and be happy). These form the theme of our main school assembly each week, which are then reinforced by assemblies in other year groups and by individual school staff. Children are taught to be respectful towards each other in the classroom and on the playground. Where this is not the case, staff work with the children to identify where mistakes are made and put measures in place to put things right again. The school has recently trained children to become ‘Playground Heroes’ to work with children when they have disagreements and find solutions.

Being safe

At our school children are taught how stay safe in the locality and online, including how to report issues to the authorities. Our Year 6 children work with the police to solve crimes in order to give children an insight into the valuable role they play within the community. Children are always encouraged to play safely and include others and staff reinforce these messages across children’s learning.

Self knowledge, self esteem and self confidence

During their time with us children have the freedom to develop their own identity and grow their character. Whether this is through the topics of our rich and varied curriculum, the opportunities for SMSC presented therein or by taking part in a range of extra-curricular activities, our children can develop themselves and be supported by staff in their development. In class, school staff build strong relationships with the children to develop their character and resilience so that they can flourish as both learners and individuals. Children also have the opportunity to further develop on school trips, including residentials.