The Weatheralls Primary School


Science is a natural and fundamental part of our lives and can be regarded as ‘organised curiosity’. Its study helps children to understand and respect the world around them. The key areas of study are: Scientific enquiry; Life processes and living things; Materials and their properties; Physical processes. Children are encouraged to enquire, explore and observe so they can ask questions about themselves and their environment. They are encouraged to plan and investigate in order to progress towards answers to their questions. They learn to make predictions; to record their findings as accurately as possible in ways appropriate to their age and ability; to look for links and patterns in their studies and to draw conclusions from their work.

How can I help my child?

  • Learn about heat and energy, melting and freezing through cooking.
  • Learn about animals’ habitats by exploring the environment around their home, the park or the school playground.
  • Grow plants together; discuss what conditions they need to grow and experiment with watering/not watering, growing them in the garden or in a cupboard.
  • Use toys to find out about friction and forces. What will make it go faster?