The Weatheralls Primary School



The Reception team would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and outline some of the exciting learning that will be taking place this year. We aim to challenge the children to become independent learners as well as provide opportunities to develop team work. We thank you, in advance, for your support throughout the year. It really does make a difference!

Our Staff

Rec A

Mrs Baker (Year Lead)

Miss Warwick


Rec B

Miss Liddington


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Greenham, Ms Moore, Mrs Davies and Miss Cole

Online Reading Workshop for Reception Parents

Frequently Asked Questions - Reading

Curriculum Map




Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Understanding the World


Autumn -similarities and differences



Farming around the local area

celebrations – Christmas , bonfire night, divali

People who help us – jobs

healthy eating

hygiene – dentist/ dr



changes to materials – porridge making. material, floating and sinking

Now & then – what happened before they were born – how they have grown – changes 


Queens jubilee

– natural world

Where does out food come from?

Recycling Valuing differences

uniqueness (Elmer)


Literacy –

Talk 4 Writing

Talk 4 Reading


Nursery rhyme of the week


Going on a Bear Hunt


Owl Babies


Little Red Hen (T4W)



Poetry – colours/ Fireworks/ Divali


Rosie’s Walk


The Enormous Turnip (T4W)


The Nativity – Christmas

The Gruffalo



Goldilocks and the 3 bears (T4W)



Chinese New Year - instructions

Handas Surprise

The Easter Story




Jack and The Beanstalk (T4W Little pigs (T4W)


On the Way Home

Story settings


I love you poem



Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Beginning and Belonging


My Emotions

Family and friends (include anti-bullying)


Keeping safe (includes drug education)

Identities and Diversity

Me and My World

Healthy Lifestyles

My Body and Growing Up

Physical Development 

v  Dance – On Parade (CSoW)

v  Yoga bugs – going on a bear hunt

v  Fundamentals intro

v  Fundamentals 1




v  Gymnastics – Fun shapes (CSoW)

v  Yoga bugs

v  Dance – Toys

v  Fundamentals 2

v  Gym

Move & Hold

v  Yoga bugs

v  Sports day / athletics

v  Skipping

Expressive Arts

Self portraits

simple drawing skills – people, houses etc

Nursery rhymes

Nativity songs

Kandinsky art (linked to maths)

printing Christmas cards)

Clay – divali pots

junk modelling


natural art ( linked to pattern in math’s)

Textiles – sewing ( mothers day)


jubilee Queen portraits, stamps 

Van Gough sunflower

Home Learning Expectations

Home learning will be sent home and put on class Dojo every Friday and is due in the following Wednesday. Each week children will have a reading book send home for them to practise the letter sounds that they have learnt as well as their decoding skills and their sight vocabulary. 

Everyday, children will also take home their early morning work and their phonics words of the day that they have practised to share with their families at home. 

 PE Days

PE is on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Please come to school in PE kits on these days.

Useful Information

Children in Reception have access to the outdoor area daily therefore children need appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather.

Useful Websites

Purple Mash by 2Simple