The Weatheralls Primary School

Welcome to Early Years

The Early Years team would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and outline some of the exciting learning that will be taking place throughout the year.

We aim to support all children in the early years to become confident, creative individuals who are encouraged to take risks, work together and problem solve. Children will learn the skills needed to become independent thinkers who adapt their ideas and enhance their own learning through hands on, exploratory play where new learning is celebrated and new experiences are planned for.  

Collaboration is one of the main links to success and we thank you, in advance, for your support throughout the year. It really does make a difference!

Our Staff

Early Years A

Mrs Baker (Year Lead)

Miss Warwick

Early Years B

Miss Liddington

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Greenham, Mrs Stanley, Mrs Baker, Mrs Cochrane 


Lunchtime support: Miss Blades

Early Years Presentation for September 2024 New Pupils

early years presentation.pdf

Curriculum Map

 Maths - For nursery and reception age children, we will be following the White Rose scheme and incorporating activities and resources from the Mastering the Curriculum initiative. 


Nursery aged children will be following planning focusing on phase 1 Listening and Attention skills. Their learning will cover the 7 main aspects:

1. General sound discrimination - environmental

2. General sound discrimination – instrumental

3. Body percussion

4. Rhythm and Rhyme

5. Alliteration

6. Voice sounds

7. Oral blending & Segmenting

Reception phonics follows the Little Wandle scheme of work focusing on phase 2 in the Autumn term, phase 3 throughout the Spring term and phase 4 in the Summer term.

Phonics scheme for 2022-2023


We plan a topic-based curriculum, focusing on the children’s interests as well as the development of skills, enabling all children to become ready for their next transition.  This learning is recorded in the form of a floor book with all children contributing throughout the week to this. The curriculum is fluid, based on the interests of our children and may change throughout the year.

Home Learning Expectations

Home learning will be sent home as a paper copy and put on Class Dojo every Friday for Reception children. This will consist of practical ideas to embed the learning from the week and will be encouraged to be shared via the Class Dojo platform. Each week reception aged children will have a reading book sent home for them to practise the letter sounds that they have learnt as well as their decoding skills and their sight vocabulary.

All children in the Early Years will choose a book to share at home for pleasure from our school library which will be changed weekly in our library session.

Whilst children are learning their letter sounds, parents will be informed daily of the learning that has taken place that day and they will be encouraged to practise identifying and writing these sounds at home as regularly as possible.

PE Days

Our PE days in the Early Years, are a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Children are asked to come to school in PE kits on these days.

 Useful Information

We have a large outside area that all children have access throughout the day therefore children need appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather. We encourage wellington boots to stay in school so that they are always available when required. 

Please see our Welcome Booklet for lots more helpful information:

joining reception 2024 wea updated.pdf

What to expect in the EYFS - A Guide for Parents

what to expect in the eyfs a guide for parents 1 .pdf

Useful Websites

Purple Mash by 2Simple

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds 

White Rose Maths 

Phonics Play 

Reading Eggs