The Weatheralls Primary School

Home School Association

The Home School Association (HSA) is a group of parents and teachers who work together to support the educational needs of The Weatheralls Primary School. The HSA is an essential part of the school community and provides a range of services and opportunities to support the school and its students.

One of the primary roles of the HSA is to fundraise for the school. This involves organising fundraising events to raise money for the school to purchase essential items such as new technology, sports equipment, books, and materials. The funds raised by the HSA help to provide students with the resources and facilities needed to enhance their education. 

In addition to fundraising, the HSA also hosts social events for families and children throughout the year. These events are designed to bring families together, promote a sense of community, and provide a fun and enjoyable experience for students and their families.

The HSA also organises a range of events throughout the year to bring families together and support the school. These events include movie nights, Christmas fair, summer fair, discos, and cake breaks.

Our movie nights are a great opportunity for families to come together and enjoy a film in a relaxed and fun environment. The snacks and drinks are available, and children are encouraged to bring their blankets and cushions to make themselves comfortable.

Our Christmas and summer fairs are a highlight of the school calendar. These events feature a range of stalls, games, and activities for children and their families. There is always a wide range of food and drinks available, and the fairs are a great opportunity to buy gifts and crafts made by the local community.

Our discos are always a popular event with the children. They are a chance to dress up, dance, and have fun with friends. The HSA provides a DJ, snacks, and drinks, and the children always have a great time.

Finally, our cake breaks are a regular event throughout the school year. The HSA donate cakes and other baked goods which they are sold to raise money for the school.

Overall, the HSA’s events are an important part of the school community. They provide opportunities for families to come together, support the school, and have fun. We encourage all parents to get involved and participate in these events to help make them a success.

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