The Weatheralls Primary School

Snacks in School

Playtime Snacks and drinks in school

We understand how important it is for children to remain properly energised and hydrated during the school day. One of the simplest ways to ensure children remain happy, healthy and receptive to learning is to allow them access to healthy snacks and drinking water.


All children, up to and including Year 2, receive a free piece of fresh fruit or vegetable each day, although not all of them take up this offer. Where we have spare fruit or vegetables in school, we do offer them to our Key Stage 2 children at playtime.


We promote healthy snacks which include fruit, cheese or raw vegetable and hope that parents will support us by providing this type of snack. We also request that all parents/carers send their children to school with a refillable water bottle. Staff are happy for children to access their water bottles during the day, as long as they have asked an adult first and that it isn’t disrupting learning.


We do not promote sugary snacks and drinks, as a way to become energised and hydrated for learning. Therefore we ask parents/carers to respect this request and send children to school with a healthy snack (fruits, vegetables or cheese) and water in their bottles. Any children bringing in unhealthy snacks (biscuits, cakes, chocolates, crisps, sweets) or sugary drinks will be asked to take them back home or we will request that parents/carers send in something healthier.


Pupils with a specific medical need may require something different. Parents/carers of these children must discuss this with the class teacher and a senior member of staff will authorise it. If providing a healthy snack and/or water causes a problem for your child, please contact the class teacher to let them know.


The Change 4 Life website has some great resources to use with your children to talk about sugary snacks and great recipes for making healthy snacks:


Please note, we are a nut free school; we cannot allow any nuts on site due to severe allergies.


Finally, we would love to further reduce the amount of single-use plastic coming into school. Therefore if your child’s snack comes into school in tupper-ware or something that can be recycled e.g. kitchen roll, we would be pleased.