The Weatheralls Primary School



Throughout the school, we follow Pie Corbett’s Talk4Reading scheme. Staff work hard to source high quality text extracts and poems to share with the children. These will include texts with a range of vocabulary so children can develop their understanding of words and how to work out an unknown word. Children will focus on either the structure of the text, the role of characters, the role of the setting, the use of language or the writer perspective.


Class Reads

At the end of the day, children across the school enjoy listening to a book read by an adult.


Every week, each class gets to spend some time in the library. Mrs Nicholson and the class adults help children to choose a book, and children are encouraged to recommend books to others.

Reading Assembly

Every Tuesday, we celebrate reading at school by staff sharing a book, poem or text.  In our Key Stages, children are inspired by the staff to try out a new book or a new genre of book. We have had some very exciting assemblies with staff sharing some extracts that leave us on a cliffhanger, children sharing some book reviews and even a book in French!

Reading Scrap Books

Each class has a reading scrap book that the children take in turns to take home. In the pack, there are some lovely materials to help children create a page about their favourite book or a book they enjoy. There is an opportunity to share that with the class when they bring it back to inspire other children to read it.

Here are some examples:

Reading Scrap Books

Parent Reading Forum

Why not join our parent reading forum group on Class Dojo to get some recommended reads from our staff?