The Weatheralls Primary School

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs R Sabharwal

Headteacher /

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr D Poyser

Assistant Headteacher /

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead /

Director of Complex Needs for Staploe Education Trust /

UKS2 Lead

Ms E Munnelly

Assistant Headteacher /

EYFS and KS1 Lead (maternity leave)

Miss S Bradshaw

Assistant Headteacher /

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Curriculum/LKS2 Lead

Teaching Staff

Mrs A Baker


Early Year Class Teacher - Monet / Early Years Lead / PE Lead

Miss E Warwick

Early Years Class Teacher - Monet
Miss J Liddington Early Years Class Teacher - Picasso / KS1 Maths Lead
Mrs M Woollard

Year 1 Class Teacher - Gormley

Miss A Softley Year 1 Class Teacher - Hepworth
Miss N Murray Year 2 Class Teacher - Kandinsky / Lead teacher for Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Assessment
Mrs H Bracey Year 2 Class Teacher - Chagall
Ms E Munnelly Year 2 Class Teacher - Chagall
Mrs H Siker Year 2 Class Teacher - Chagall
Mr E Few Year 3 Class Teacher - Kahlo
Miss J Lucy Year 3 Class Teacher - Kusama / English Lead (Writing & GPS) 
Mrs R Hutt Year 4 Class Teacher - Hockney
Mrs E Wild Year 4 Class Teacher - Hockney
Miss L Davis Year 4 Class Teacher - Riley
Miss A Rush Year 5 Class Teacher - Parker
Miss H Sivill Year 5 Class Teacher - Banksy
Miss S Bradshaw Year 6 Class Teacher - Hirst
Miss K Feather Year 6 Class Teacher - Hirst
Mrs E Henderson Class Teacher / Lead Teacher for Progress and Interventions
Mr C Allison Year 6 Class Teacher - Warhol / KS2 Maths Lead
Ms F Turrell Year 6 Class Teacher - Kapoor
Miss L Fidler Nurture Class Teacher - Van Gogh
Mrs E Clough PPA Teacher
Mrs C Macfarlane-Ward Class Teacher (maternity leave)


Mrs L Kirk 

SENCo for Staploe Education Trust

Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Baker
Mrs S Bean
Mrs K Brook
Mrs S Brooks
Mrs K Blunsten
Mrs L Cochrane
Mrs A Davies
Mrs S Dickens
Ms L French
Mrs M Gilchrist
Mrs C Greenham
Miss M Harrison
Mrs H Ickeringill
Mrs D Martin
Mrs S New
Mrs G Potter
Mrs S Sage
Mrs T Stanley
Miss V Stoneham
Mrs A Strathdee
Mrs S Verducci

Midday Supervisors

Miss M Harrison Midday Coordinator
Mrs S Beaumont
Miss A Blades
Miss R Chivers
Mrs C Elgar
Miss L French
Miss M Gillett
Mrs K Ireland
Miss C Johnson
Ms C Parker
Miss M Samuel

School Family Worker

Mrs L Sandle-Brownlie School Family Worker / Deputy DSL / DA Lead


Mr J Knappett Caretaker

Office Staff

Mrs L Collen Assistant Administrator
Mrs K Fordham-Palmby PA to the Headteacher
Mrs M Pritchard

School Administrator