The Weatheralls Primary School

Our Vision & Values

Our school values are the things that we believe ensure help build a happy learning environment.  These are understood by all and shared by every member of the school community.  We believe in pride, perseverance and positivity.

Pride - In our school, we are proud of our school and our roots.  We always do our best, take pride in our work, our friendships and feel proud of ourselves and each other when we achieve.  We stand tall and together in our community and wear our school badge with pride.

Perseverance - In our school, we are motivated to challenge ourselves, work hard and take risks.  We are resilient learners and help each other to persevere with the determination to succeed.  We see mistakes and challenges as learning opportunities.  We aim high and believe that our learning is limit-less.

Positivity - In our school, we inspire each other through positivity and kindness.  We are positive about our school, our work and our opportunities and we enjoy celebrating our successes with each other.

Alongside our values, we have also introduced the idea of Rights and Rules in School. 
Our aim is to shape a visible and positive consistency between all adults in school and teach our pupils how to be a successful learner at The Weatheralls.  We firmly believe that with these values, rights and rules in place we are moving our school forward in order to ensure happier, confident and flourishing pupils.

 In our school everyone has:

  • The Right to Learn
  • The Right to be Respected
  • The Right to feel Safe

Our school rules are:

  • Be Ready
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe